Monday, January 11, 2010

Starting Already?

My daughter made this necklace for me over the weekend while she was at her dads. M is for mom, of course. She told me in the car on the way home from her dads, that she made one for a girl at school. We'll call her "K". On the ride home from her dads she told me that K doesn't like her. So I asked her why she was giving her a necklace. Her response, "because I want her to like me." I was baffled, I still am. I don't recall there being this much pressure in Kindergarten.

Anyway-Today was the big day. The day to give K her necklace that Victoria was so proud of. I could hardly wait to hear how K liked her necklace. Victoria gets off the bus and looks so sad. Apparently, K did not like the necklace and broke it. I gave my little girl a pep talk and she seemed to be ok with the whole situation, but as a mother, I was heartbroken. How could someone do that to MY baby????? I wanted to go give little miss K a piece of my mind, but she's 5..that really wouldn't be appropriate nor would it solve anything. Instead I just hugged my daughter and gave her pep talk on real friendships. I don't know if it sunk in, I don't know if it was the right conversation at the right time. I hoped I helped my little girl, I think I did, but it may come back to haunt me 20 years from now. "hey Mom, Remember that time...."


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