Monday, May 17, 2010

Alphabet Challenge-Letter A

Today is day one of a new challenge, the alphabet challenge! My good friend, fellow blogger and photographer, is joining me with this challenge, so please visit her site as well!  If you would like to join in on the challenge, feel free! Just let me know and I will be sure to include a link on page. 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are our challenge days, so come back and see how different our takes our on the same letter.  It's going to be fun!

Today's letter is

A-Arachnophobia (fear of spiders, for those that don't know)

I am NOT a fan of spiders! I hate them, actually.  I am actually afraid that they are going to jump on me and eat me alive or something.   This one was about to be squished on the bottom of my shoe, but it ran away before I could kill it.  I know, I know, spiders are great because they eat insects and all that fun stuff.  But, I don't think we would have missed this one. 

Come back on Wednesday for letter B of the challenge and don't forget to visit Mommyplus5 for her take on the alphabet. 


Veronica said...

OMG, that photo is so perfect it creeped me out. lol Love it!

Daisylynn Photography said...

Ha ha! How do you think I felt up close and personal taking the picture! yuck! lol

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